Tuesday, April 5, 2016

So many mouse clicks...

I really need to blog more about game development stuff, but sometimes you're so deep in the woods that it's kind of overwhelming to break it all down in a way that people could obtain something useful from it.

In the last six months my work has been dealing with Unity 5, here are just a few of things I've been focused on:

- working around the huge grenade Unity threw into lighting... just... FFS ENLIGHTEN!

- accordingly putting real-time, baked, and mixed lighting modes through endless trials in an attempt to get useable results

- creating big terrains (8km) with high density vegetation, road systems, and placed structures

- clothing swaps for characters, and building an efficient rig to support this (ongoing)

- vehicle rigs with character drivers, support for co-op players

Once we get this next game out I will probably spend a few weeks just writing up the process and challenges we've been going through.

Until then let's just say that nothing is easy, any substantial gains are a hard-fought, perpetual process of trial & error. :)