Thursday, March 21, 2013

Periscope up, hey there's life out there.

Egads, six months without a post on a blog I promised myself I would keep updated. Is bad, and I blame it on life. 

What's gone on since September?

  • Production on my 2nd XBLIG game continues, recently built a brand new environment and new UI framework
  • Taught a graduate-level class on game art pipelines at DePaul. I had to write all the curriculum for this which was a major challenge
  • Taught another section of 3D Texturing & Lighting at DePaul, some great work from the students made it a lot of fun
  • Co-taught the senior capstone at Columbia, their project (Undertakers) is nearly GDC-ready, and it's looking really good!
  • My friend's iOS kickstarter fell short, but hopefully there's more to come on that
So my plan is to share a lot more visual output from these efforts, as well as post my long-overdue 3rd installment on the Fear3 visual process asap. If anybody still reads this stuff, thanks for your patience! :)

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