Thursday, March 12, 2015

Update: Blood is Still Circulating

So one day you wake up and realize you haven't touched your blog for six months.

Life happens. Since my last post I joined the art faculty at DePaul School of Cinematic Arts. After a few years of adjunct teaching I really was enjoying myself, and when the opportunity came along I applied for it. I was honored when they decided to extend an offer.

At that time I was also well into my next indie game project called Savage Lands. It has since been released to Steam Early Access on March 5. The game is a collaboration between two great indie game studios, Digital DNA and Signal Studios.

My part has been creating the environment, lighting , and special effects. In addition, I created the visual branding for the game. I've been working closely with the talented artists at Signal, who created the characters, creatures, weapons, structures, and user interface.

Here is the trailer I cut together over the holiday break:

In the next several days I will be posting a series of articles describing the environment creation process in Savage Lands. My plan is to take you through the entire sequence from designing the height map, to final polish details.

It's been an amazing education in Unity 3D, procedural art creation, and medieval fantasy genre. All areas I had not spent significant time with before.

On to Part 1 - Concept & Sculpting!

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